Protite Fibreglass Strip Cloth 100mm x 2.5m

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Shop now for the Protite Fibreglass Strip Cloth 100mm x 2.5m here at Oz General Store! PROTiTE Fibreglass Cloth & Strip Cloth is made from woven strands of fibreglass leaving a smooth finish which is stronger and more flexible than Chopped Matting.

Protite Fibreglass Woven & Strips Cloth are woven strands of fibreglass used together with Protite Fibreglass Resin to provide extra strength and flexibility to fibreglass, metal, timber and other rigid substrates.

A common reinforcement product used with polyester resin for hand lay-up. Strips are stuck together to form a mat in differing thicknesses on uneven surfaces.


Size: 100mm x 2.5m

Cloth Grade: Smooth finish, 180gsm

Type: Fillers & Repair