Shoof Bearing Retainer Farmhand Ewe 4-pack

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Designed to address vaginal and uterine prolapse in ewes, the Shoof Bearing Retainer Farmhand Ewe offers reliable support during and after lambing. Each pack includes four high-quality retainers with accompanying tie tapes. These retainers are crafted for ease of use and effectiveness: simply attach them to the ewe's fleece with the string ties or baling twine for secure placement. Their gentle design ensures that the lamb can still push the retainer clear during birthing, minimizing complications.

Made for repeated use, these retainers are easily cleaned and sterilized after each application. Their practical design helps prevent prolapse, ensuring the well-being of your ewes and lambs throughout the birthing process. The Shoof Bearing Retainer is a tried-and-tested solution for managing prolapse, combining traditional methods with modern convenience. Ideal for farmers seeking dependable and efficient support tools.

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