Shoof Bovi-Bond (Pack/Spare Available)

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Bovi-Bond urethane adhesive is a proven system for lame cows’ hooves. Easy to mix and apply, it has a double-barrel 210ml cartridge and a special dispensing gun. Apply 20ml to the block, press onto hoof and hold still for 30 seconds. Sets in 1 min. Load-bearing in 2-3mins. 

The block should be removed after 4-6 weeks, by which time, if you repaired it correctly, the affected claw should have made a full recovery. Bovi-Bond adhesive sets in approximately one minute after application. It can be load-bearing after 2 or 3 minutes (or slightly longer in cold weather).

The Pack Set contains:

  • 1x Adhesive cartridge 210ml
  • 10x Mixing Tips
  • 10x Hardwood Blocks.

The dispensing gun must be purchased separately.

After opening, the Bovi-Bond can be resealed, but adhesive cartridge must be used within one year. Hardwood blocks 112mm are long.

**Guns can not be used with older 160ml cartridges.

Bovi-Bond Cartridge Instructions

  1. Load cartridge into gun.
  2. Unscrew locking collar (with green plug). Place aside for further use.
  3. Equalise cartridge tubes.
  4. Attach mixing tip and secure with collar.
  5. After use, if material remains, use green plug and locking collar to reseal.

Bovi-Bond Mixing Tips 10-pk

  • Single use dispensing tips
  • Consistent mix every time
  • Prevents unnecessary waste
  • Saves money & maximises glue use
10 x dispensing/mixing tips for Bovi-Bond 210ml adhesive cartridges.  Provide a perfect mix of the two-component adhesive and keeps it consistent at all times. It will save you money by preventing the unnecessary waste, so you get the most out of the glue. (Colour may vary).

Bovi-Bond Original Vettec Gun 210ml

  • Double-barrel evenly dispenses two-part adhesive
  • Smooth action for less hand fatigue
  • Durable design prevents cartridge falling out
  • Precise application for hoof glue on blocks

Hoof Block Hardwood 10-pack

  • Made from European beech hardwood
  • Grid pattern cuts for maximum glue contact
  • Useful for cases with long or abrasive walks