Shoof Calf Drencher Speedy Drencher (2 Sizes Available/Spare Part)

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Sizes: 2.5L, 4L

Upgrade your calf feeding game with the Speedy Feeder drencher, featuring a flow-adjustable stomach feeder in 2.5L or 4L and a well-proven design rigid drench probe. Replacement rigid probes available. 

  • Proven design for effective drenching
  • Administer colostrum/electrolyte to newborns
  • Adjustable flow for easier stomach feeding
  • Probe assembly fits standard Speedy Feeder bottle
Developed from Shoof’s famous Speedy Feeder calf feed bottle, this drencher uses a standard and well-proven design rigid drench probe. This gives a useful flow-adjustable stomach feeder. The probe assembly (probe with lid) is available separately to fit your standard Speedy Feeder bottle. (Not suitable for Easy Feeder as cap does not have an air inlet). NB: Full container must not be carried by probe.