Shoof Calf Puller Vink Traction Assembly only

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The Shoof Calf Puller Vink Traction Assembly is a tool used in the birthing process of cattle to assist in the delivery of a calf. The assembly consists of a calf puller, which is a device that attaches to the calf's legs, and a traction unit, which provides the force to gently pull the calf out of the birth canal.

The Shoof Calf Puller is designed to be easy to use and has a number of features that make it suitable for use on a variety of different animals. The puller is made of durable materials and is adjustable to fit the size of the calf. The traction unit is also adjustable and can be set to provide the appropriate amount of force for the specific calf being delivered.

The assembly is intended to be used as a last resort, when the calf is not able to be delivered naturally. It should be used under veterinary guidance, and the veterinarian should be present during the use of the calf puller.

The puller and traction unit are made of durable materials that can withstand the rigors of birthing and are easy to clean and disinfect between uses.

The Vink Traction assembly is a product of Shoof International Ltd, a New Zealand-based company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of livestock handling equipment.

Overall, the Shoof Calf Puller Vink Traction Assembly is a valuable tool for farmers and veterinarians, providing a safe and effective means of assisting in the delivery of a calf when natural delivery is not possible.