Shoof Captive Bolt Service Kit

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The Captive Bolt device is used for safe and humane destruction of animals, from bobby calves to downer cows and pigs. A retracting bolt is fired into the brain of the animal, so the positioning of the device (as seen in pictures below) is very important. It must be between and slightly above the eyes to ensure the bolt hits the brain. Draw diagonal lines between the horns and the eyes and aim where the lines cross. It is also very important to hold the device hard against the head of the animal. This prevents damage to the device spring, and also ensures the bolt goes far enough into the brain. After two or three charges have been fired the gun will get hot. This is normal and if you have a few calves to destroy wearing gloves is recommended. After a number of activators are fired, they can become tight to remove. A knob at the end of the handle can be used to help remove the activator.

There are different strength cartridges for different-size animals. If too powerful a cartridge is used the captive bolt can become damaged (and may void the warranty). If the cartridge is too small the animal may not be killed. Refer to the activator chart below. Most dairy farmers will need the green activators for bobby calves, and the yellow activators for downer cows.


  • Calves up to 100kg - Green
  • Calves up to 300kg - Yellow
  • Cattle up to 600kg - Blue
  • Cattle over 600kg - Red
  • Sheep and Goats up to 35kg - Green
  • Sheep and Goats over 35kg - Yellow
  • Pigs up to 50kg - Green
  • Pigs up to 100kg - Yellow
  • Pigs up to 200kg - Blue
  • Pigs over 200kg - Red

Important Notice: Serious penalties apply for dealing with animals inhumanely. If in doubt about use of this device, discuss with your veterinarian. Death should be finally ascertained by checking there is no heartbeat, no breathing and no blink reflex. Be aware that for heavy bulls and horses, this is a stunning device only. Use must be followed by pithing to assure death. (If in doubt consult you veterinarian.)

*Cleaning kit (included with device) - Contains 25cm extension handle and two sizes of brush for cleaning gun barrel. **Service kit - Contains a replacement for mainspring and rubber buffer.