Shoof Cowslips Powder Single Application each

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There is no doubt that Cowslips are the leading prosthetic device for lameness in Australian cows. Before fitting a Cowslip the hoof should be lifted and cleaned, and the cause of the lameness determined. (A Cowslip should not be applied until the damaged hoof area is identified, as accidental application to the damaged claw could exacerbate the injury.) Application of the Cowslip to the healthy claw allows relief of load-bearing on the damaged claw so that healing can occur. Instructions for application are as follows: 1. After ascertaining and treating the injured claw, clean and trim the healthy claw until the Cowslip is a good fit. 2. Wipe the claw with acetone or methylated spirits if required, to dry it completely. 3. Mix the liquid and powder ingredients in the Cowslip until consistent. 4. Press the Cowslip firmly onto the healthy claw. Tap the toe firmly to ensure the fit is tight. 5. Leave the foot raised for 2-3 minutes to ensure glue is set, then lower to a load-bearing position for another 2-3 minutes. The cow can then be released. The Cowslip will slough-off of its own accord in two or three weeks, by which time the affected claw should have recovered. Use the Cowslip ‘Original’ for all regular-size cows, ‘Plus’ for large and heavy cows, and ‘X-Large’ for very large and heavy animals.