Shoof Crayon Mating Mark - 10pk (20 Colours Available)

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Cold Green, Cold Orange, Cold Purple, Cold Red, Cold Black, Cold Yellow, Cold Blue, Fluoro Pink, Hot Blue, Hot Green, Hot Orange, Hot Purple, Hot Red, Hot Yellow, Mild Blue, Mild Green, Mild Orange, Mild Purple, Mild Red, Mild Yellow

The Rurtec Chin-Mark harness is used to monitor oestrus or mating activity in cattle. The harness is typically applied to a neutered bull, or to an oestrus-active cow, to leave easily identifiable indication of cows oestrus period. Crayons clip into a holder under the chin.

The crayons come in three temperate zone types - cold, mild, and hot, ideal for ram marking, but for cattle, zones mild and hot are quite adequate. (Mild crayons used in a hot climate may ablate too quickly.) The harness is easily attached and removed with two quick-clips. Crayons can be changed with harness attached, as long as the head is restrained.

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