Shoof Debudder Butane Express Pistol Complete

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The Express debudder is made in France, and is supplied in a big heavy-duty carry case, complete with two cans of gas and spare parts. This case is lined with fire-proof material in the area where the debudder head lies, so the tool can be put away safely, even when hot. One of the nicest features of this tool is the pistol-grip style. This makes it very comfortable to hold and use. The flame is ignited by the pistol trigger. Heat is adjusted by a knob at the back.

Full 600C operating temperature is reached in 3 minutes. A full gas canister should give 2 hours of full operation. Gas canisters are screwed into the base shroud and are totally secure. The grip incorporates legs for standing the tool on safely when hot. The pistol head is 16cm long, and the tool is lightweight at only 650gm (with full gas tin). A unique and patented feature of this tool is a heat shield incorporated just behind the burning head. This deflects heat away from the tool body, the calfs ear and your hand. The reversible cautery tip features a deep cavity and a thin wall, allowing for good penetration and burn depth, even on slightly larger horns. Supplied with spare jet and replacement piezo-lighter assembly. The Express debudder is also ideal for use on goats using optional 15mm tip. Tips are all reversible.

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