Shoof Drench Pump Chrome-Brass (3 Sizes Available)

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Sizes: 120ml (40cm), 200ml (52cm), 600ml (65cm)
Chromed brass pump for administering large volume oral remedies or volume-pumping. Achieve continuous flow with upward and downward strokes. Castellated foot prevents suction and nipple fits a 10mm suction tube. Outlet nipple fits tubing from 12-17mm.
  • Drench pump deliver large volume oral remedies
  • Continuous flow achieved on both strokes
  • Three sizes available to suit your needs
  • 600ml compatible with Farmhand & Bovivet Rumen Drenchers

NB: The 65cm pump is supplied with both a Xmas-tree and a quick-fit coupling. The quick-fit is compatible with our previous model Bovivet drench tube coupling, or any regular garden-type fitting.

Note: Care must be taken with volume drenching or flushing of livestock. Use only under the instruction and supervision of a veterinarian.

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