Shoof Feed Tub Recycled Rubber 16L Rail Mount

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The Shoof Feed Tub Recycled Rubber 16L Rail Mount is a high-quality and eco-friendly feeding solution for livestock. Made from recycled rubber, this feed tub offers a durable and long-lasting option for farmers and ranchers. The 16-liter capacity of the tub ensures that it can hold enough feed for your animals without taking up too much space.

One of the key features of the Shoof Feed Tub is its full-length rail hook. This hook ensures that the tub is securely mounted to the rail, providing adequate strength and stability. This is particularly important for livestock that may be prone to knocking over their feed tubs or causing other types of damage.

The rail mount design of the Shoof Feed Tub also makes it easy to install and remove. Simply attach it to the rail and you're ready to go. This makes it a convenient option for farmers and ranchers who need to move their feed tubs around frequently or who may have limited space for feeding equipment.

Overall, the Shoof Feed Tub Recycled Rubber 16L Rail Mount is a reliable and eco-friendly feeding option for livestock. With its durable construction and secure rail mount design, it is sure to meet the needs of farmers and ranchers alike.