Shoof Goat/Sheep Hobble Webbing and Rings 9cm

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Hobbles are a useful tool for controlling jumpy animals who are kicking and jumping on the milk stand. Using the wide adjustable Velcro hook and loop fastening system, wrap the hobble around each of the upper hind legs (above the hock). If you put them on the lower leg, they can be kicked off. This restricts the animals movement so that they can not kick or jump, keeping you, the milk bucket and the animal safe. The 9cm leg spacing allows the animal to stand comfortably and for the udder to still be easily accessed. Hobbles are also useful when mothers are reluctant to nurse newborns or when other routine maintenance work needs to be done like udder shaving or body clipping. Tip: If you have a particularly jumpy animal get them used to tearing sound of the Velcro by opening and shutting the strap a few times in their presence until the sound is no longer startling.