Shoof GoLeyGo Horse Halter Pin Set x2 only

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The GoLeyGo magnetic securing system cleverly combines animal well-being and user-friendliness with a range of innovative horse halters and leads.
This device works with a magnetic-fastener-system, which can be released quickly and safely under tension. The adapter-pin, which is mounted on the halter ring, locks automatically with the magnet in the fastener and becomes securely fastened. The rope is connected to the lock without knots or chunky metal clamps but a simple, release mechanism that can be operated safely and quickly with one hand. The breaking load of the system is 350kg.
The GoLeyGo fastener is made from high quality materials and impresses with both its quick-release function and safe, one-handed operation. Combined with quality halters and leads, this unique innovation sets new standards in animal control.