Shoof Hoof-Fit Gel Intracare 330ml AUX

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Ensure your livestock's hooves stay healthy with Shoof Hoof-Fit Gel Intracare. This highly concentrated semi-liquid gel is formulated from organic materials, with aloe vera extract for added nourishment.

The gel comes with a convenient brush for easy application directly to the hoof. It's recommended for use after trimming or repairing damaged hooves, with special attention given to the inter-digital cavity.

For optimal results, it's advised to bandage the hoof for 1-2 days after applying the gel, using a short piece of cohesive bandage. After this period, the bandage should be removed.

Key Features:

  • Highly-concentrated semi-liquid hoof care gel
  • Made from organic materials, including aloe vera extract
  • Supplied with a brush for easy application
  • Ideal for use after trimming or repairing damaged hooves
  • Focus on the inter-digital cavity for thorough application
  • Bandaging after application enhances results
  • Recommended application every 4-5 days for continued hoof health

Regular application every 4-5 days ensures continued hoof health and vitality. Available in a 330ml AUX size, Shoof Hoof-Fit Gel Intracare is an essential addition to your livestock care routine.

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