Shoof Hoof Taps Equine Zinc Insert 25-pack

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D.E. HoofTaps are a revolutionary, antibacterial solution for equine hoof problems including white line disease, wall separation, excessive wear, uneven growth and cracks. Invented by New York farrier, Doug Ehrmann, the zinc-coated inserts are designed to be lightly tapped by a farrier into the hoof wall to encourage healthy hoof growth and grow out defects from within. This insert (HoofTap) has 3 barbed metal posts to drive into the hoof wall in the same area where horse nails are usually driven. They are to be driven in with a farrier’s hammer so they are flush with the hoof and remain there throughout the whole trimming cycle eventually being trimmed out when the hoof is trimmed again. HoofTaps can be used under conventional horseshoes, under glue on shoes, in boots and barefoot. They can also be used as anchors for adhesive when building a shoe or for horses transitioning to barefoot, when appropriate. They do not impede natural foot flexion and expansion in barefoot horses. HoofTaps are never a replacement for horseshoes but an aid to keep better hooves on horses that would not normally be shod without the expense of shoeing. Sold in containers of 25.