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The Hoofmat Premium uses 30mm foam encased in a premium-quality outer fabric. For successful treatment place the mat or mats (herringbone dairies will require two of) at the entrance to the milking platform. Fill the mats with the remedy of your choice (see below), using a bucket or watering can, then simply top-up as required during milking. By placing the mat at the entrance to the milking area, cows have their feet treated before standing quietly and being milked. This is one of the most significant reasons why Hoofmat treatment is so much more effective than usual footbath-type treatments. After milking, simply hang Hoofmat over a wood rail and hose off. (Note: Remedy residues may affect galvanised rails).

Key Features:

  • Mats contain 30ml Foam
  • Can hold 36L (Roughly 80 cows passing over before top-up is required.)
  • 1.8m long x 0.9m wide with 30mm of foam core

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