Shoof Mastitis Test Mas-D-Tec

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Mas-D-Tec is manufactured in USA and is the world's largest selling electronic mastitis indicator. Mas-D-Tec measures the levels of sodium and chloride in the milk. These are increased by bacterial infections. As levels rise, milk quality is lower and production will be reduced. A small sample of quarter milk is squirted into the funnel top. Within two seconds the milk conductivity is analysed and indicated on the graphic scale. The milk drains through the Mas-D-Tec as the readings are taken. There is no need to tip the milk out. Simply continue to the next quarter and add more milk. The instrument detects the new sample and provides a new reading. There is no need to wash the Mas-D-Tec between quarters and cows. Washing at the end of milking is all that is required. Mas-D-Tec is so fast to use that it is possible to test the whole herd during milking. Mas-D-Tec should be used after herd tests to determine the quarter giving a cow's sample a high cell count, or used strategically when bulk milk cell counts are rising. Badly infected quarters may give milk with perfectly good appearance, but have cell counts in the millions. Often the only way to find these infected quarters is by conductivity testing the whole herd. Mas-D-Tec is supplied with a full instruction booklet, including service and parts information. It is powered by a standard 9 volt alkaline battery, good for approx 4000 tests. Note: Mas-D-Tec uses a scale marked Normal and Abnormal. These classifications are entirely arbitrary. Any milk conductivity can be judged only on its relationship to adjacent quarters.