Shoof Milk Warmer Heat Exchanger Stainless

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Warming milk or colostrum for feeding to calves is a necessary and well accepted practice. But a problem with most conventional milk warmers is the buildup of milk solids on the heating element. This acts as an insulation-barrier, causing great inefficiency in heat transfer. The Shoof development team have come up with a practical solution. Our all-stainless heat exchanger is filled with warm or cold water. It is then placed into the full milk container.

The heat exchanger takes up to 25 litres of water. Short legs keep the exchanger off the bottom, and handles can also serve as suspension hooks (see photo above). Dimensions are diameter and height overall. NB: Milk still must be stirred from time-to-time to heat efficiently. Water temperatures over 55C can create fat buildup on the exchanger. The heat exchanger heats more slowly than direct immersion of milk warmer, but eliminates most tedious cleaning and risk of element failure.

Lid: Shoof Milk Warmer Heat Exch Thermal Cap

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