Shoof Pest Netting Signal Tape 250m (blue)

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WildNet from Kerbl is the newest defence to keep wild animals such as boars out of your crop or garden. More ground clearance to keep more power to fence and better for mowing. Three x 0.30mm blue/white TriCOND wire rows each provide optimum conductivity (TriCOND is 5x higher conductivity that stainless steel). Twelve x blue fibreglass posts provided – post distance approx. 4.5m apart. Includes: warning sign, 3x base anchors, nylon tension cord, repair wire & jointing sleeves. Quicker to assemble and disassemble than conventional electric fences. 50m length nets are easy to connect with each other as the connector is integrated into the net and there is no need for separate connectors.

Optional 25mm wide blue signal tape available as 250m roll can be added to improve visibility. Tip: We recommend that you cut signal tape into pieces (50-100cm) and secure each piece to the top of the posts. The fluttering of the tape in the wind allows you to keep wild boars more effectively at bay.