Shoof Pet Bowl Stainless with Ant Moat

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High-quality non-slip rubber-based stainless steel pet bowl with a difference. This bowl is useful in two ways due to the small moat that entirely surrounds the inner food bowl. This catches spills and splashes of those messy eaters and can also be filled to prevent ants getting to your pets food.

If you have an ant problem then you will understand how hard it is to keep them out of your pet’s food bowl during the summer months. As ants forage about, they leave an invisible trail of pheromones for others in the colony to follow once a food resource is located. The more ants that use the trail, the more pheromones and the more prominent the trail becomes and the bigger ant problem you will have.

Tip: Fill the moat with water or if you find that the water evaporates too quickly then try mineral oil which can be purchased inexpensively from a pharmacy.