Shoof Poultry Drinker Bottom-fill(2) - Green (2 Sizes Available)

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Sizes: 5L, 8L

The Shoof Poultry Drinker Bottom-fill(2) is a high-quality drinker designed for use in poultry farming. It comes in two different sizes, 5L and 8L, both of which are available in green. The drinker has a 15mm raised base, which makes it slightly more suitable for older chicks. The raised base provides more comfortable access to the water for the chicks and reduces the likelihood of spillage.

One of the main features of this drinker is the bottom-fill design, which allows for simple upside-down filling with a hose or bucket. This feature makes it easy to fill the drinker without making a mess, and the process can be done quickly and efficiently. The drinker also comes with a suspension handle that folds away for filling, making it easy to move and hang in the desired location.

Another essential feature of the Shoof Poultry Drinker is the anti-drown ring incorporated into the design. This ring helps prevent drowning accidents by providing a barrier between the water and the birds, ensuring they can drink comfortably and safely.

In conclusion, the Shoof Poultry Drinker Bottom-fill(2) is a durable and efficient drinker that is ideal for poultry farmers. Its bottom-fill design, suspension handle, and anti-drown ring make it easy to use and safe for the birds. The two available sizes ensure that farmers can choose the appropriate size for their flock, making it a versatile and reliable product.