Shoof Poultry Feeder Gaun Transparent with Legs (2 Sizes Available)

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Sizes: 4kg, 8kg

The Shoof Poultry Feeder Gaun Transparent 4kg with Legs is a top-quality feeding solution for poultry farmers. Its transparent feeder body allows for easy visibility of the feed level, enabling the farmer to monitor and manage the feeding process effectively. The feeder has a capacity of 4kg, making it suitable for use in small to medium-sized flocks.

One of the unique features of this feeder is its cord system and feed waste-minimiser ring, which come supplied with the product. The cord system ensures that the feeder remains suspended at a suitable height, preventing contamination of the feed by ground debris or feces. This ensures that the feed remains clean and hygienic, promoting healthy growth in the flock.

The feed waste-minimiser ring, on the other hand, helps to reduce feed wastage by preventing the birds from flicking feed out of the feeder. This is particularly important as it helps to reduce feed costs, leading to better profitability for the farmer.

The feeder comes with legs, which provide stability and prevent the feeder from tipping over. The legs also help to elevate the feeder off the ground, making it easier for the birds to access the feed.

In summary, the Shoof Poultry Feeder Gaun Transparent 4kg with Legs is a reliable and efficient feeder that offers several features that make it a great investment for poultry farmers. With its transparent feeder body, cord system, feed waste-minimiser ring, and sturdy legs, this feeder is designed to help poultry farmers manage their flocks effectively while reducing feed wastage and promoting healthy growth.