Shoof Refractometer Colostrum Dairy/Equine

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To ensure maximum antibody protection is given to new-born foals/calves, 2-to-4 litres of good quality colostrum should be fed in the first 12 hours of life. Colostrum quality can vary significantly from horse to horse. This BRIX-scale refractometer enables you to easily test colostrum quality for cow or mare milk. After checking calibration of the instrument with distilled water, two drops of the colostrum to be tested are placed on the glass prism. The instrument is then aimed towards the light and the colostrum level (approx 19% to 24%) is read off the internal scale. Readings above 22% indicate high-quality colostrum. Supplied in a quality soft fabric carry case, complete with sampling pipette, small screw driver and instructions for use. NB: Some practice, or expert help, may be required to become proficient in use of this instrument.