Shoof Resuscitator HK Calf

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Robust, big stroke two-way metal-body air pump suitable for the extraction of mucus from the mouth and nose of new born calves, resuscitation and respiration of the circulatory system for particularly difficult calving’s.

Designed by Veterinarian Dr Bonn and manufactured in Germany by Rheintechnik under the well-known HK brand.

For mucus extraction: Press the rubber mask opening to the mouth and nose and suction mucus that is present in the breathing passages by pulling the star grip to create a suction. Then remove from the animal, place to the side and the depress the star grip to push the piston back inside the pump and the suctioned mucus will flow out. Repeat this process several times until the mucus has been suctioned out.

For respiration and resuscitation: Pull the star grip out as far as possible then place the rubber mask opening to the mouth and nose an depress the star grip slowly to gently inflate the lungs. Remove to allow deflation. Repeat in 10 second intervals as required. Can also be used during difficult calving’s if the nose is exposed to keep the calf breathing and alive.

Instructions for use are included.