Shoof Scale Hand-grip Intel Digital 25kg

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The Shoof Scale Hand-grip Intel Digital 25kg is the ultimate solution for users seeking a compact, lightweight, and user-friendly scale. Whether you need to hang it or hold it, this scale offers versatility and convenience.

Designed with a substantial handgrip for comfortable handheld use, this scale can also be hung from its handle hole for added flexibility. The foldable weight hook neatly slots into the case, ensuring the entire unit remains smooth and compact without rattling or snagging.

Resetting the tare is a breeze with a simple press of the start button on the front. With readings available in both kg and lb, this scale caters to various measurement preferences. Memory features are incorporated for added convenience, and movement compensation ensures accurate and steady readings.

Key Features:

  1. Compact and Lightweight: Easy to carry and use on the go.
  2. Comfortable Handgrip: Designed for handheld use with ease.
  3. Versatile Hanging Option: Can be hung from the handle hole for flexibility.
  4. Foldable Weight Hook: Slots into the case for smooth and compact storage.
  5. Tare Reset: Easily reset with a press of the start button for precise measurements.
  6. Dual Measurement Units: Readings available in kg or lb for versatility.
  7. Memory Features: Conveniently stores previous measurements.
  8. Movement Compensation: Ensures steady and accurate readings.
  9. Auto Power-off: Conserves battery life for extended use.
  10. Battery Requirement: Requires a 9v battery (not included).

Equipped with auto power-off functionality, this scale conserves battery life for prolonged use. Please note that a 9v battery is required but not included. With its robust design, this scale is perfect for use in fish boxes and other demanding environments.

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