Shoof Shearing H'piece Aesculap Econom C'less complete

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The Econom shearing handpiece is the result of more than 100 years of Aesculap electric-shearing experience. It is supplied with a 4-tooth upper and 13-tooth lower blade, and with heavy-duty lithium-ion battery. There is an electronic controller which matches the battery output with cutting load. When there is little load the output reduces, extending battery life. The motor is brushless for minimum service requirement. Cutter runs at 2,700 strokes/min. Clipping time is 50-70 minutes on one battery, with recharge time of 70 minutes. The machine weighs 1,470gm and has a noise level of 72db(A). Supplied complete in a heavy-duty case. Instructions and lube oil included. This machine is top-of-range quality German engineering.