Shoof Tail Trimmer Tailwell Titanium complete

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Tailwell tail trimmer has been a big success around the world, but problems occur on farms with large herds, or where cows are bedded on sand. In these cases cutter wear is an issue. We have now produced an optional model, Tailwell TITANIUM. This has a titanium nitride (TiN) coated cutter set (gold coloured). This should be good for 5,000-6,000 clean (non-sand-contaminated) tails, or up to 3,000 sand contaminated tails.

The TITANIUM cutter set can not be sharpened (in fact attempting sharpening will be counter productive). Honing paste is not supplied in this kit.

NB: As with our regular Tailwell, cutter tension must be checked regularly, and lubrication used regularly. All other regular Tailwell use and service instructions apply. Replacement titanium-coated cutter sets are available. These can also be fitted to standard-model Tailwells.

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