Shoof Large Animal Digital Thermometer

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The Shoof Large Animal Digital Thermometer is specifically designed for veterinary use on large animals. Its extra-long 12cm probe ensures accurate temperature readings, making it ideal for livestock and large pets. The thermometer is robust and waterproof, ensuring durability and reliability in various conditions.

This digital thermometer offers a temperature range from 32°C to 42°C, providing precise readings necessary for effective animal care. Additionally, a protective probe cover is included, ensuring the probe remains clean and ready for use.

Key Features:

  1. Designed for large animals
  2. Extra-long 12cm probe for accurate readings
  3. Robust and waterproof construction
  4. Temperature range from 32°C to 42°C
  5. Includes protective probe cover
  6. Suitable for veterinary and farm use
  7. Easy-to-read digital display
  8. Ensures precise temperature monitoring for effective animal care

Whether you're a farmer, vet, or animal caregiver, the Shoof Large Animal Digital Thermometer is an essential tool for maintaining the health and well-being of your large animals.