Shoof Tiedown Aerofast Ratchet 6mx50mm K-Hook

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The Shoof Tiedown Aerofast Ratchet 6mx50mm K-Hook is a reliable and sturdy tool designed for securing heavy loads during transportation. It is a single 6m-long webbing tradesman ratchet tiedown with keeper-type hooks, making it an ideal choice for tieing loads down onto truck side-bars of slightly larger diameter.

One of the advantages of the keeper-hook design is that it ensures the load remains secured even if the vehicle encounters rough terrain. This eliminates the risk of the load falling off and causing damage to other vehicles or causing an accident. The K-hook design also ensures that the tie-down cannot slip off the rail if the load becomes loose.

The 50mm strap is rated at a break-strength of 2,500kg, making it suitable for heavy trailers or medium commercial loads. This strength rating guarantees that the tiedown will be able to withstand the rigors of transportation and provide a secure hold on the load.

The Shoof Tiedown Aerofast Ratchet 6mx50mm K-Hook is a dependable and easy-to-use tool that is essential for any transport business or individual who needs to move heavy loads. It is an investment in safety and security and will provide peace of mind knowing that the load is safely and securely tied down during transportation.