CLEARANCE Shoof Wasp Trap

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To keep wasp nests away from your home and farm, set traps in the early-spring when the queens are looking for nesting sites. Wasps are attracted to the scent of the bait and fly into the bottle opening to get to it. Once inside the bottle, they crawl down through the narrow opening, can't figure out how to get back through it and eventually die, drowning in the liquid if it is present. To bait the trap, you'll be putting an enticing food source into the bottom of the bottle. Different baits work at different times of the year. Place a piece of meat inside your trap in the spring. Use a few inches of sugar water, water with jam, soda, fruit juice or another sweet liquid in the summer and fall months. Add a bit of vinegar to the mix to keep bees out of your trap. Place your trap (or traps) outdoors in areas where you see wasp activity or want to prevent wasp activity. Wasp traps can be hung in a tree or from a structure. Check for any live wasps, and then remove dead wasps from the trap regularly, and rebait the bottle at least once a week so that you continue to attract wasps. Always exercise care when dealing with wasps, and avoid contact if you're allergic. Dimensions: 105mm x 147mmH.