Shoof Walkease Horse Pad Kit complete

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Walkease for horses uses the same proven EVA material as Walkease for cattle. Supplied in the kit are two Walkease hoof pads, one Walkease hoof rasp, four tubes of Walkease glue and two pairs of gloves. Extra pads and glue are available. Prior to use of the pad, the hoof is attended in the usual fashion. Any repair work required must be completed. The hoof must be rasped flat and smooth with the Walkease rasp, increasing the pad contact area to the maximum. The Walkease pad can then be modified if required to relieve pressure in certain areas. The outer hoof shape should be marked, and the pad cut to size. Glue is applied sparingly to the pad (up to 2 tubes), which is then pressed onto the hoof. Within 10 seconds the glue should ‘grab’. The hoof should then be put onto the ground for full weight. The Walkease Horse Pad will last 7-14 days, depending on the activity of the horse. Pads are supplied in one size only, and are 17cm long x 16cm wide.*Replacement glue is only available in the Walkease dispenser 10-pack.