Kincrome Tradesman's Sawhorse

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How It Works:

The gravity fed pin allows the legs to fold as you rotate the unit upside down, no manual leg adjustments required
To operate, rotate the unit upside down and extend the legs out to an operative position
Rotate the unit to a standing position and the legs are now in a fixed position, locked and secure for use
To put away, again, rotate the unit upside down, fold the legs down, the pin will drop and now the sawhorse in an inoperative position

Includes 1 sawhorse with trade tough bamboo tops
35mm Bamboo Benchtop
Steel tubular folding legs with tough industrial powder coated paint finish
Quick release folding leg system, with base steel plates to ensure greater balance and control

Hardwood Bamboo Benchtop Capacity 400KG
Measurements 900 x 550 x 760MM
Material Hardwood Bamboo Benchtop

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