Troton Glass Fibre Filler 600gm

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Shop now for Troton Glass Fibre Filler 600gm here at Oz General Store! This Troton Glass Fibre Filler 600gm is reinforced Polyester Filler. Due to its short strand chopped fibre and polyester blend, Troton Fibre filler offers an easy sanding, flexible structural strength filler. Product can be used were extra structural strength is required, such as holes, rotten timber, large dents and fibre glass surfaces.

  • Good adhesion to metal.
  • Excellent mechanical strength with proper elasticity.
  • Short hardening time.
  • Good sanding properties.


Size: 600gm

Colour: Green

Gloss Grade: Matte

Density: 1,82 (+/- 0,03) kg/l

Type: Fibreglass Repair

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